NFT Collection + Game


Happy Hamsters is a retro collection of 10,000 low-fi pixel hamster NFTs living on the blockchain and a fun tamagachi-style game called the Happy Hamster Habitat. They're super adorbs, love to get down, and won't sleep until they've taken over your twitter profile photo.

The happiest place on the blockchain


When you adopt a Happy Hamster NFT, you're not just getting a provably rare, totally unique, one-of-a-kind piece of art... you're getting a one-way VIP ticket to a rocking party in the happy hamster habitat!

The Hamster Habitat Game

What fun is owning a hamster if you can't do anything with it? The habitat is your spot to hang.

Only 10,000 available

Super limited. Only 10,000 hamsters will be minted, ever. Once they're gone, they're gone.

Priced at 0.08 Eth

We've set a fixed price for each pre-reveal hamster. Check out our tokenomics section for math.

Don't miss the party


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You're a Special snowflake


Every Happy Hamster is totally unique and programmatically assembled from from 120 hand-drawn traits. Each hamster is provably rare, crafted with love, and exists as an ERC-721 non-fungible token stored forever on the Ethereum blockchain.


Hamster Habitat GAME

Yep, you heard right - when we hit 100% sold out, we'll start building the Happy Hamster Habitat game! This will be the primo kick it spot to chill with your newly minted hamsters. You'll be able to feed them, play with them, and even assemble a tube maze for each of your hamsters to enjoy!

but wait, there's more


Every Happy Hamster owner gets exclusive access to oodles of perks and member-only benefits:

  • Provable ownership

  • Full commercial rights

  • Early-access to upcoming benefits

  • The happy-hamster community discord

Insert fancy math here


If there was some uber-smart animal out there that could predict the hugely volatile NFT markets, it might be an owl. But, well, these aren't owls. They're hamsters. Super happy, but not super bright. Sooooo uhm... yeah. Who cares! It's time for a happy hamster party! ^_^

The hamster rocket, now boarding


Ground control to major tom, take your protein pills and put your helmet on. Oh, wait, sorry. Eesh that was awkward. Anywho, what I meant to say is, here's all the crazy happy-hamster-stuff we have planned. Because everyone knows that a hamster party don't stop, so we're riding this bitch to the moon!

  • Unrevealed hamsters are minted

  • Join other happy hamsters in the discord and vote on upcoming habitat

  • The big reveal: your Happy Hamsters are born!

  • Game production begins

  • The Happy Hamster Habitat is unveiled!

Who do we blame for this mess?


We're old-school NFT enthusiasts. We love all things crypto. But.. we've been very disappointed with the lack of hamster profile pictures on Twitter. Let's face it, we all want more hamster profile photos. Yes, seriously. That's why we made all this.

The "artist"


I like long walks on the park, meditating while listening to linkin park, and donuts.

The "Techie"


Bleep boop beep beep beep, bop, boop, bleep, bleep, bing, bong, wala-wala bing bang.

The "feeder"


I always wanted to be a veterinarian and feed animals, but instead I pursued a career in yarn.

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You've got a ticket

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